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Sun Netra T1

Access LOM from command line

This is based on using the /usr/sbin/lom command. You may have to install the relevant packages first.

-bash-2.05b$ wget -O
-bash-2.05b$ unzip
-bash-2.05b$ cd
-bash-2.05b$ vi README

You can then get a range of stats from the lom command...

-bash-2.05b$ uname -a
SunOS nemeton 5.10 s10_69 sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraAX-i2
-bash-2.05b$ /usr/sbin/lom -vtf
Supply voltages:
 1               5V status=ok
 2              3V3 status=ok
 3             +12V status=ok
 4             -12V status=ok
 5         CPU core status=ok
 6            +3VSB status=ok
System status flags:
 1        SCSI-Term status=ok
 2             USB0 status=ok
 3             USB1 status=ok
 4              SCC status=ok
System Temperature Sensors:
 1        Enclosure 40 degC : warning 67 degC : shutdown 72 degC
System Over-temperature Sensors:
 1              CPU status=ok
1 OK speed 94%
2 OK speed 94%
3 OK speed 100%
4 OK speed 100%

-- Main.BruceJames - 24 Sep 2007

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